Are you a coach?

Yes and no. I’ve been on both sides as coach and student, and I want to share a scientific approach to improve tennis skills. The limited time I got doesn’t allow me to be a coach, but the technology we possess these days can make a huge impact on sports performance and I feel urged to share my experience of the methodology.

Will a better serve help you win the game?

Yes and no. The best tennis player in the world is a combination of multiple skills. No one wins a grand slam just by serving aces in a row. One of TennsiDB’s vision is to endow people with concrete feedback of their performance. You are welcome to apply the methodology to improve forehand, backhand, or any other skills in your life.

Which athlete’s pattern should I follow?

You can go with the athletes as tall as you are. People will have their special habits, focus on the core principles and experiment with your serve.

I’m a beginner, how could I analyze my serve with TennisDB?

First and most important, start recording your serve. Once you have the slow-mo video, you can get feedback from top athletes or compare with their swing pattern. Record -> feedback -> calibrate, speed up this iteration and your serve will dramatically improve.

How to be listed as an athlete/coach?

Please sign up, there’s no clear rule for certification for the time being, but we’ll come up with some criteria in the near future.

Will it be chaotic after more and more coaches join TennisDB?

The value of TennisDB is to assist both athletes/coaches and students. We’ll leverage the promotion and organic story. Developing a sustainable ecosystem for TennisDB is our top priority.

Are you selling any products?

Not for now, we would like to provide value for our users and figure out what really helps in their sports journey. We’ll consider subscriptions in the future if we come up with some great products, stay tuned!

What is your business model?

We would like to build products that could help athletes/coaches to promote their brand, tools for students to analyze their swing pattern. It’ll probably be free and subscription for advanced features. TennisDB will also serve as a sandbox for Joe to experiment some startup ideas, feel free to reach out.

What are the most important problems in tennis?

For students, serving is surely the most difficult problem in their journey. We are thinking about designing some gadgets to assist the learning process so students can separate serve into small parts and conquer one by one. For athlete/coach, branding and career diversity is what we’re focusing on. We’re planning to develop an arsenal for the one man army, empowering your sports career with modern technologies.

What is the road map in the next couple years?

Branding for pro athletes.

Analysis of swing pattern.

Demonstration of kinetic chain.

How to contribute?

Shoot us an email at hi@tennisdb.org. Give feedback. Propose ideas.

Ready to get started?